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Handcrafted With Wild, Medicinal Plants Foraged In

The Cowichan Valley

Essential oils-Fair trade-Organic-Sustainable practice

Palm Oil Free

100% Naturally Coloured


Our soaps are for those trying to eliminate harsh chemicals from their body care routine. We believe nature provides powerful, healing ingredients that have many beneficial effects for our bodies.


 We have created  unique nature-inspired  & nature-infused plant-based soaps from annual foraging excursions in the Cowichan Valley. The plants we use are uncultivated and the hand harvesting is done sustainably. Each bar is infused with wild, skin beneficial plants and colored naturally with botanicals and earth clays, Each soap is curated for an area of the Cowichan Valley in a thoughtful, respectful manner that compliments the beauty it represents.

To ensure quality and freshness, our soaps are made in small batches. Following the traditional cold process method, we air cure the soaps for 4-6 weeks. Everything is handmade from mixing to cutting and wrapping. All soaps are palm-free, vegan and great care is taken in sourcing the highest quality, plant ingredients. We believe in using nature’s ingredients and local organic products when available.


Locally Wildcrafted Artisan Soap

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